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Instrumental Inspiration

The American Youth Harp Ensemble performs in some of the world's most prestigious venues, yet many people in Richmond aren't aware that the world-class group exists. The group's founder and artistic director, Lynnelle Ediger-Kordzaia, hopes to change that dynamic. On…

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Teens and Money

Advising a teenager is an art that few have mastered - especially when it comes to money management. During our children's teen years, we basically are trying to keep the bumpers on, letting them have minor crashes while we help…

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Velocity Sports Performance

Just like every parent, you want the best for your child. While you want your child to be healthy and enjoy participating in sports, you may also have concerns about their abilities and possible injuries. This is where Velocity Sports…

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SPARC offers a graduated curriculum for beginners, experienced students and advanced young actors. A student can enter our program and work toward conservatory or college level study, or just experience the joy of performing and build valuable life skills along…

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