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Team Of Two

We all know a good marriage takes work. It’s also based on realistic expectations. The same principles apply to finances. Though it takes some effort, a couple’s expectations and communication skills usually need some adjusting after they say, “I do!”…

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Words & Legal Woes

Here are a couple of legal terms for you: slander and libel. I know what you are thinking. I’m a law-abiding type, so why do i even want to know about it? Well, if you are one of the billion…

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Part of the Plan

In our society, one way that we express love is by planning. We plan birthday parties, picnics, family reunions, holiday gatherings. You probably had this month’s Fourth of July itinerary worked out well in advance.Most likely, the plan included fireworks…

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Volunteer America!

Life isn’t fair. Our parents told us that, and we, in turn, tell our children. Resources aren’t distributed evenly; somebody always winds up in need, while others have more than they need. If you’re lucky enough to be in the…

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Families Who Are Ready Recover Faster

Families who are ready recover faster Although meteorologists can’t predict exactly how tropical systems and hurricanes will affect Virginia this year, there is one prediction that will come true: families who are ready will recover much better and faster than those…

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More Secrets Teacher Won’t Tell

 More Secrets Teacher Won’t TellBy Sherrill Kauffman In every job there is balance between candor and professional discretion. This is especially true in teaching education where other children, colleagues, and parents may be involved. Add to this legal issues and…

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Marital Finances

Google top ten reasons for divorce, and every time you'll find issues related to finance. Go deeper and you'll discover that most marital conflicts stem not from lack of money itself, but typically from lack of communication about financial concerns.…

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