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Richmond Animal League

In August 2017, three tiny kittens arrived at Richmond Animal League (RAL) from a partnering municipal shelter. These kittens, like many of the more than 500 who were cared for by RAL in 2017, were neglected, underweight, and had goopy…

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Sheepadoodle Do!

Three years ago, I drove to North Carolina, met a stranger through Craigslist, and brought home a Boston terrier puppy. That was the breed of our dog years ago, so obviously, another one would be perfect for two wild boys.…

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Why Pet Insurance Makes Sense

There are approximately 180 million pets in the United States, and in many cases, they are treated as members of the family. However, unlike other family members, only about 1 percent of those pets have insurance for medical care. Although…

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Holiday Safety Guide for Pets

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays should be a time for welcoming friends and family into your home – not for making emergency trips to the animal hospital. But if this year is like most others, veterinarians like myself will…

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Pet Emergency Care

Many pet owners may be surprised when their veterinarian tells them their sick dog or cat needs a blood transfusion. Transfusions are a large part of emergency and critical care veterinary medicine. Dogs and cats (and even horses, birds, and…

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Summer Safety Guide

We all love summertime and being outside! Getting together with family is an essential part of the summer experience. For many people, this ritual includes furry family members. While enjoying the warmer weather is fun, we all need to watch…

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Rudy’s Story

The secret is revealed in a single, appalling glance. Our vet has pried Rudy’s mouth open and there, in the back, the reason for his recent difficulties eating. A golf ball-sized melanoma, growing on his tongue. It’s December 2, 2015.…

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Need-to-Know Pet First Aid

Our family recently enjoyed a wonderful vacation on a fairly remote beach. We loved having no phones, sleeping late, and seeing nobody else on our beach. However, as I was exploring and photographing the sunrise one morning, I stepped on something…

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