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Pets Get Cancer, Too (Sigh)

Cancer is a frightening word, immediately evoking thoughts of battling a relentless, debilitating, painful illness. Our pets are sometimes diagnosed with cancer, too. This is never an easy word to hear, but what it means for pets and what can…

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Taking Rover on the Road?

Vacationing with pets is more common now than ever, and a plethora of destinations now offer pet-friendly accommodations so your pooch can join in on the family fun. There is more to consider when bringing your four-legged friend on the road.…

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Help Your Dog Deal with Anxiety

If you have struggled calming your fearful dog, you are not alone – especially in Central Virginia, where intense thunderstorms are typical. Fear in dogs seems to be a very common issue, no matter the dog’s size or breed. Whether…

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Richmond Animal League

Last winter, Brianna and Golden Merrill decided their children were ready for a pet, and they began the search for a dog to meet the family’s needs. After speaking with a volunteer adoption counselor at Richmond Animal League, the Merrills…

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10 Toxins to Keep Away from Pets

Cats and dogs are naturally curious creatures. This curiosity, however, can sometimes get them into trouble. According to the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center, nearly 180,000 cases of possible poison exposure were handled in 2013. Items that can be toxic…

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Bringing Home Baby

Just as you and your partner are adjusting to the big changes coming your way with parenthood, your dog will also need to adjust. How you handle this new phase of your life will affect how your dog handles it.…

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Home-Alone Dogs

Imagine this scenario: A friend comes over to visit with her 3-year-old daughter. The child plays for a few minutes then gets up, says goodbye, and walks out the front door by herself. It is not hard to relate to…

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