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Love a Toe Walker? 

Toe walking is a common pattern of early locomotion in healthy, young children and is almost always in both legs at the same time. However, toe walking after age three…

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The middle school I used to teach at distributed “Grover Gold” to students whenever they helped out by running an errand for a teacher, for example, or cleaning up without…

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When Cheryl Ratcliff’s son Tim was seven years old, he was convinced his Superman cape would allow him to fly and leapt off the roof of a building. He also…

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Prominent Ears?

While they don’t result in hearing issues for anyone, prominent ears can have a significant psychological impact on children. Most kids (and the parents who love them) do not sense…

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Q: I’ve seen a friend try to give time-outs to her 2-yearold. She’s holding the child in a chair and telling him it’s a time-out. I thought the idea was…

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When her son’s teacher contacted her about his inability to stay focused and complete tasks, Alisa Brookshire was angry. She says, “At first, I thought it was the teacher. I…

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