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Hunting for Santa

On a special December Saturday in 1983, Dad woke up early to warm up the Toyota. By seven o’clock, my sister Susan and I were inside the car. Then, we…

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All I Want for Christmas

Dear Santa, Yes, that’s right. It’s me. After all these years. You were probably expecting letters from my children, weren’t you? Well, keep your eye out; they’ll be along shortly.…

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Santa Babies

  From their second-level perch, it’s apparent that the line starts just outside the food court, winds around the snow-flocked enchanted forest, and doubles back in front of Auntie Anne’s…

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Balancing Act

  “You know, none of this stuff was even on my list,” I overheard my medium-sized daughter tell her older sister after the Christmas morning dust had settled. She sounded…

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