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Winning Teams!

Everyone knows exercise can help you get fit and lose weight, but there are benefits that go far beyond those physical changes. Families like these three have discovered that the road to a healthy lifestyle can be a bonding experience…

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The Desk Jockey & Backache

Imagine your back is like a fine watch with many moving parts. Your spine has 24 vertebrae attached to the pelvis at the bottom and the skull at the top. There are spongy discs between every two vertebrae, working as…

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Teens at Work

When my husband was seventeen, he spent a summer working construction with a bunch of men twice his age. Making much more than minimum wage, he kept his mouth shut when he was charged with tasks far beyond his strength…

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Adolescent Knees

A 13-year-old soccer player complains of pain in the front of her knees. Initially, she noticed it during practice, but now there is pain climbing stairs and even while sitting in school. It’s a scenario that plays out for hundreds of kids…

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