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Fostering Digital Responsibility in Kids

When our parents raised us, their concerns were centered around three pillars: the birds and the bees, driving, and drugs and alcohol. These topics addressed potentially life-altering challenges young people encountered.  Today, as parents, we want to guide our children…

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Kids In The Media Mix

For most of us, there’s no shortage of wonder as to how far (and how quickly) technology has advanced since our own childhoods. Today, there isn’t an element of a child or teen’s life that isn’t impacted by a computer.…

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Baby Making

When Liz and her husband decided to start a family, every month without a pregnancy brought new disappointment and more doubt. “Why is this happening to us? I know we would be good parents. Why is it so easy for…

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Computer Limits and First Steps

Q : Our desktop computer is in a family-access area. Now my 12-year-old has inherited a laptop, which she has started taking to her bedroom. How should we go about setting limits? A While your daughter is reaching an age…

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Happy 2011 To All!

It seems like only yesterday I was filling the bathtubs on our way out the door to the millennium New Year’s Eve party, nervous anticipation in the air about what might happen at the stroke of midnight….would we have no…

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