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A Tradition for Each Month

Family traditions, whether predictable or peculiar, have the power to make memories. Kids set their watches (or their calendars) by them and wear them like badges of pride. Try neglecting a family tradition. Protests will ensue: “Where’s the birthday cake…

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Old Bird, New Tricks

Dad sleeping on the couch. Mom slaving in the kitchen. This was the Thanksgiving of my childhood. So when my mom worked up the nerve to announce that she thought we should go out for dinner, I applauded her. After decades…

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Multicultural Families

  So, what’s his name again?” I was asked, over and over, after my family had learned that I, an African American Virginian, was dating a half-Mexican, half-Caucasian kid, also from Virginia. “It’s Enrique, but everybody calls him Rick or…

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