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When It’s Carolina Time…

Arriving in Richmond from California one snowy January, I was thrilled when a new friend described Richmond’s springtime as “gob-smacking” in its beauty. Seriously? I couldn’t wait. And happily, she hadn’t oversold the season. Then came summer. Think I’m about…

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Hands-on with the Good Book

There’s a new reason to visit Washington, D.C. – one of biblical proportions. In November 2017, the Museum of the Bible opened its towering Gutenberg Gates to welcome a world of visitors. Visionaries converted a former refrigeration warehouse, circa 1922,…

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Have a Sapphire Christmas!

Have you ever had a holiday so perfect it set the bar for all future holidays? Like that time family flew in and you splurged on a Christmas tea at The Jefferson? Or when you took the kids (in their…

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See The World! Why Kids Should Go Global

When Karen and Pat Morrissey registered their son, Michael,  to play soccer with the Richmond Strikers, they didn’t realize that the idea of soccer as the world’s game would apply quite so literally. I mean, soccer at Striker Park, sure.…

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Where Muggle Families Can Soar!

Her origin story is pure Cinderella, but here the heroine is waif, prince, and fairy godmother rolled into one. Her rags-to-riches ascent is well-told, but let’s revisit: Single mom – living on government assistance – rides train and conceives a…

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Severe-Weather Driving Strategies

Summer days of sunshine and warm weather are quite inviting, but we also need to be aware of and prepared for changing weather patterns that are a big part of life these days. Strong wind gusts, heavy rain, frequent lightning,…

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