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Mustaches for Kids

M4K Richmond kicks off its 2018 season of growing tonight at Vasen Brewing Company!  ______________________________________________________________ More than a decade ago, local environmental scientist David Hogan attended a Christmas party in Richmond. While the gathering was typical in many ways, the new father noted…

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Santa Babies

  From their second-level perch, it’s apparent that the line starts just outside the food court, winds around the snow-flocked enchanted forest, and doubles back in front of Auntie Anne’s pretzel cart. That’s convenient – the mom decides as she…

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Too Much Texting?

With so many teens and younger kids receiving tech gadgets such as smartphones for the holidays, it’s important to set up rules for usage. According to a recent report by Pew Internet and American Life Project, the volume of texting…

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Women’s Health

While you may consider bladder health an embarrassing subject to breach with close friends, let alone your health care provider, remember that it's something that physicians talk about daily. To us, it's science and it can be a telling sign…

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Early Parenting Education

My daughter Zora just celebrated her first birthday. Or, more accurately, the family celebrated it for her. At her age, life's a party. Every day brims with play and doting attention. If only the good times could roll uninterrupted from…

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Fly Boys

This summer my family took a cross-country trip. No, not in a car, silly. We Moores develop homicidal tendencies when we spend too much time (that is, anything longer than 30 minutes) in the car together, which means we are…

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Underage Drinking

Janie Williams of Richmond, mother of two boys, 14 and 17, says that growing up, her parents did not talk to her or her brother about alcohol. It was understood that you were just not supposed to drink. So she…

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College Prep 101

One hundred one things to ponder - and get done! As college approaches, parents are overwhelmed with a plethora of to-dos, as well as jaw-dropping costs. What's the best way to pay? Should we look into a loan? Should my…

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