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Why Colonoscopies Creep Us Out!

The American Cancer Society recently updated its colonoscopy guidelines for men and women, regardless of family history. Visit for details. ______________________________________________________________________ Chocolate-laced drool trickling down your preschooler's chin. A demonic clown with green nubs for teeth. Or that eerie…

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9 Common Myths Busted

Working with other nurses, docs, and medical experts for nearly thirty years - plus, parenting two kids and managing a home - I know there are plenty of frightening things out in the world. Like lots of people, I appreciate…

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Author Meg Medina on Raising Readers

What do you get when you put two local children’s literature authors in a room? The Girls of Summer reading list. That’s what happened when Meg Medina became friends with Gigi Amateau, a southern-style young adult author. Motivated by their…

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Is Breast Best?

That one issue of Time magazine in May 2012 attracted more than a little attention when it featured on its cover a young mother nursing her 3-year-old son. The woman's stance – right hand on hip, left arm pulling her son in,…

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Soak It Up!

People often say that kids are like sponges, effortlessly absorbing all the information they encounter. How true!Consider kids who are exposed to two languages in their home and are bilingual before kindergarten, or the children of sports enthusiasts who can…

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Prominent Ears?

While they don’t result in hearing issues for anyone, prominent ears can have a significant psychological impact on children. Most kids (and the parents who love them) do not sense a problem until six or so, when children start to become…

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Deciding to Vaccinate With Gardasil?

You may find it difficult to acknowledge that one day your children will be sexually active. However, taking steps to keep them healthy when they are, is an action you can take as a parent. Vaccination against the human papillomavirus…

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Parents’ Wake-Up Call

Life just seems to get busier and busier for our kids. The schoolwork, music lessons, and activities get harder and harder to fit into the day, so the bedtime slips later and later into the night. There is an epidemic…

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Recycling in Richmond

Nathalie David can vividly remember helping her mother sort plastic, glass, newspapers, and aluminum cans into bins, then going with her to drop them off at the local fire station for recycling. The practice made her feel good, even as…

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