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Teen Wow!

Each generation worries about the next: Teenagers nowadays! Social media-obsessed, hormone-crazed, lazy hooligans. Am I right? Well, spend some time with these three teens – philanthropist, musician, athlete, and –…

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By Melanie Mueller, owner of Scents of Serenity Organic Spa Physical activity is important for overall health for everyone. Whether it is organized team sports such as softball and soccer, individual sports…

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Share and Care Alike

Caryn Boehm of Henrico County had not heard the term “collaborative consumption,” although her lifestyle defines it. Environmentally aware, Boehm uses Craigslist and other digital resources to save money and…

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Virginia Repertory Theatre

Many people are surprised to learn that Hugs and Kisses, Virginia’s principle child sexual abuse prevention program, is implemented by Theatre IV, the touring arm of Richmond-based Virginia Repertory Theatre.…

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Why Colonoscopies Creep Us Out!

The American Cancer Society recently updated its colonoscopy guidelines for men and women, regardless of family history. Visit for details. ______________________________________________________________________ Chocolate-laced drool trickling down your preschooler's chin. A…

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Working with other nurses, docs, and medical experts for nearly thirty years - plus, parenting two kids and managing a home - I know there are plenty of frightening things…

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