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Homeward’s Important Mission

Twice a year, Homeward leads the community in a regional point-in-time (PIT) count. This is a 1-day census of people experiencing homelessness in the Richmond region. The activities for the 2019 winter PIT count are on the evening of Wednesday,…

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Pelvic Health and You

You’ve recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy. You’re overjoyed and filled with a sense that life just couldn’t get any better than this. And then you sneeze. For many women, something as simple as a sneeze or cough…

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When my firstborn, Sam, was a month old, my parents came to Richmond to meet their new granddaughter. My baby girl gazed upon her grandma who had just driven eight hours to hold her and let out a scream, the…

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Family-focused Mental Health Practice Opens in RVA

Partners in Parenting is a newly opened family-focused mental health practice providing evaluations, interventions, outpatient therapy, parent groups, and consultations in and around Richmond. Using an innovative model of service delivery, Partners in Parenting provides both evidence-based clinical services for…

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

When my children were babies, I loved buying adorable outfits. I’d dress each one up for the pediatrician’s visit, and off we’d go to see how things were going with growth and development. I always left those check-ups with great…

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The New Mayberry

Stepping out my front door on a sunny afternoon sometimes feels like I’m stepping into Mayberry. Children are riding their bikes back and forth, parking them lawn-side (okay, throwing them down on the grass), and running around with their neighborhood…

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Binkies and Baby Teeth

Because I’m a mother and an orthodontist, other parents frequently ask me about pacifier use.  Should I give my child a pacifier? When should I stop my child’s pacifier use? Do you have suggestions for weaning my child off the pacifier?  Known…

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Slow Down Summer

  There’s a name for what a lot of us are doing. It’s hyper-parenting. Don’t give me that look, I didn’t come up with it. Hyper-parenting is a term coined by psychiatrist Alvin Rosenfeld in his book, The Over-Scheduled Child:…

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