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Value the Vote

In a former life, long before kids and even before marriage, my husband and I worked as "paid political operatives." Working on political campaigns was our profession. We were inspired…

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Move It!

Sometimes I think having a cavity filled might be more appealing than dragging myself out of bed at six-thirty in the morning to work out. Working full-time and taking care…

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Working as a housekeeping supervisor with Unicco, Mary Grayson first heard about Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity (RMHFH) from a friend “She bought a Habitat house, and told me just…

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  • September 19, 2010

What you need: Non-porous work surface Ruler Duct tape (two colors) Scissors What you do: 1. Working on a non-porous surface (glass, marble, hard plastic), begin layering duct tape sticky…

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