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Richmond Family Magazine is a full-size, full-color monthly magazine published for the Metro Richmond readership. Articles vary in length from 800 to 1,300 words

Our articles are informative and topical with regional or local relevance and written for parents with kids of all ages – from babies to teens. Writing style is upbeat and informal. Our articles are never preachy and always unbiased. Content should answer everyday questions parents ask about: family life, healthy living, education, working parents. Seasonal topics are welcome. No fiction or poetry, please.

A full-length feature (1,300 words max) must explore a topic thoroughly and use quotes from real parents and/or anecdotal information from family life, and/or quotes from a Richmond area expert. Credentials should be cited in context. Sources for statistics and research (books and websites) should also be cited within the article. When applicable, include resources for parents, i.e. local contact information, lists for parents, useful websites. Photos or artwork may be submitted with final for consideration. Sidebars may be submitted and should include information that does not appear in the article itself.

Essays and Opinion:
We are interested in humorous, touching, or serious pieces that help Richmond parents build healthy families. Topics might include a child’s first haircut, sending your oldest off to college, or wrestling with the decision to go back to work.

We are looking for Richmond area people with unique or inspirational stories to tell, such as parents with multiple multiples, families who have adopted internationally, parents who are serving in the military, etc. We are also interested in profiles on local celebrities who are parents: sports figures, business and political figures, and media personalities, for example.

Family travel pieces should inspire parents in a concise way to enjoy and explore destinations with the entire family. Content should be information based and should not use the words “I” and “me” excessively. We are looking for regional day trips, resort packages, and vacation destinations for families with kids of all ages. Sidebars should include information not related in the article itself: websites and email addresses, phone numbers, costs, hours of operation, dining opportunities.

No previously published material. We buy exclusive periodical rights and electronic rights.

Payment is based on experience and quality of work and will be made at the time of acceptance.

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