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Alex Iwashyna
Alex Iwashyna lives in Richmond with a husband, three kids, three cats, and one dog. She’s a philosopher, turned medical doctor, turned writer and mother who maintains a humor blog, except when it’s serious, at

    RV There Yet? Americana on Tour

    During the summer, we always escape northeast or northwest because I was raised in Connecticut where two weeks of August are as hot as May in Richmond, and my sweat is actually my body crying for cooler weather. Last summer,…

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    KonMari-ed with Children

    “Your closet is so neat. I’ve seriously never seen a closet this tidy before.” This is my sister talking. I pause. Dumbfounded. “Neat” and “tidy” are not words normally associated with me or with anything in my home. I hadn’t…

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    30 Days of Gratitude

      It’s that time of year again! Everybody is gearing up their Facebook statuses for thirty days of gratitude, and I can’t wait to read every single heartfelt sentiment. Even if it is November, thankfulness isn’t always easy. I can…

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