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Ashley Gates
Ashley Gates manages the logistics of connecting families with good food at Dominion Harvest, a local home delivery service committed to providing families with fresh, local products. She lives in Bon Air with her husband and five kids.

    “Whoa! Are They All Yours?”

    Parenting is not a competition. No one gets a trophy for the most kids. Everyone has a number in mind for their family, and sometimes that number grows larger than even the mom and dad imagined. Twenty years ago, I…

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    Strawberry Fields

    Picking your own produce is a wonderful memory-making experience with your family, and nothing beats eating a perfectly sun-ripened strawberry. Heading to a pick-your-own farm with the kids often creates this idealistic picture in your mind. Do you imagine children…

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    Fresh this Fall

    As summer winds down, I have found that most people think the peak harvest time for fruits and vegetables in Virginia comes to an end, too. Many of our wonderful farmers’ markets may see fewer visitors, but there is still…

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