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Brandy Centolanza
Brandy Centolanza is a freelance writer and mother of two. She writes about family travel opportunities and lifestyle.

    Music and Family Life!

    Whether it’s rock-and-roll, hip-hop, country, or classical, everyone has their favorite tastes in music, with certain songs evoking memories of special times with family and friends. A shared appreciation for music can create a lasting bond for moms and dads…

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    RVA Teens and Earning Power

    From babysitting to bagging groceries and beyond, Richmond is chock-full of opportunities for teenagers to get their feet wet with a first-time job. Some teens choose to enter the workforce to earn extra spending money, save for a big-ticket purchase,…

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    Where the Past Comes Alive!

    With pass-holder access to Historic Colonial Williamsburg, my family and I make frequent trips to one of the largest living history museums in Virginia, discovering something new about the past each time we go. Through our numerous visits, my son…

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    Family Events Along the Holiday Road!

    It seems the holiday season is getting longer and longer every year. The season used to officially begin after Thanksgiving, but these days, the Christmas decorations are out before Halloween in many stores.  Whether or not you approve, the good news is, with a…

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    “Wow! That Looks Cool!”

    You say you’re not a beach family? Factory tours of American products and brands are a natural fit for families who want to have a more active sight-seeing experience, or families who might prefer a city vacation. Along the way,…

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    Honoring Those Who Served

    Veterans Day holds significant meaning in our family. My father was in the Air Force, and my grandfather served in the Army during World War II. In fact, he met and married my grandmother, who served in the English Army,…

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