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Catherine Brown
Writing has always played an important role in Catherine's life, from the horrible poetry she wrote as an adolescent to the slightly better thesis she wrote as a graduate student. She is passionate about connecting with people and celebrating the good things in life. When she isn't writing or hanging out with her family, she's probably dancing like no one else is watching (and thankfully, no one usually is!).

    Heads-Up On Concussions

    Freshman year of high school can be challenging for anyone, particularly when the student is enrolled at one of Chesterfield County Public Schools’ rigorous specialty centers.  For Sydney Dudley, the typical struggles were compounded by the five concussions she had…

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    Standing Tall, Speaking Up!

    Nineteen-year-old Brandon Farbstein has an old soul. It’s not surprising, then, that while many of his peers are in their first year of college, Farbstein is managing a highly successful career, traveling to a handful of cities each month to…

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    Celebrating Gingerbread Season!

    Checking in with Sara Ayyash, executive pastry chef at the Jefferson, about the 2018 gingerbread display: 1) You blew us away with last year's creation of Santa Claus in his airplane. What’s in store this year? This year's display is a…

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    Meet Elijah! Voice for Justice

    Not many 14-year-olds have given speeches across the country for national audiences. Not many teens have had conversations with prominent leaders like Former President Barack Obama and Reverend Al Sharpton. Or created a company that inspires young people to dream…

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