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Real Mom Cheron Smalls lives in Hanover County where she enjoys the outdoors with her husband and three children. She balances family life with working as the HR director of a major RVA law firm.

    You Found a New Place?

    As a young person, your first adult relocation is typically moving out of your parents’ home into a dorm, apartment, or even a house. I recall it being an exciting time when I moved into my very own apartment, a…

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    Scrooge-Proof the Holidays!

    It starts as soon as the Halloween decorations are cleared out. Sometimes, it’s even earlier. The clock starts ticking and the pressure is on to create the perfect holiday season for your family. As a mom of two children, of…

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    Springing Forth!

    Prior to having children, I never would have described myself as the outdoorsy type. I’m content indoors with air conditioning and comfortable furniture. Yet, I was blessed with two children who love the outdoors and ask to be outside –…

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