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A writer and photographer, Chris Moore lives in the West End with his wife and their two sons. A regular contributor to RFM, he writes features, contributes photo essays, and for six years, chronicled true stories of parenting in the DadZone.

    It’s A Small World After All?

    We’ve all heard it said that teenagers want to get as far away from their parents as possible, but come on! Did Ben, my sixteen-year-old, really have to take things so literally? When he signed up for a school-sponsored exchange…

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    Quantum Scheduling

    You'll have to excuse me if this column is rushed. I am fitting it in between a performance by the undertwelve bassoon quintet, the regional finals of the distance medley relay, and a field trip to the pet rock museum.…

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    To Be or Not 2b

    April! What other month can inspire a spat that covers half a millennium? Geoffrey Chaucer kicked things off when he rhapsodized about April showers being a "sweet liquor." (Okay, his actual words were "swich licour" but when I typed that…

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    Art Flows Down

    When Jerome Jones and his wife, Kemery, learned they were having a son, Jerome knew just what to do. Two months before his son was born, the father-to-be painted the nursery where young Jeromyah would spend his first precious years…

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    Much Ado About Maggie

    Today I would like to introduce Maggie Mollie Mostly Muppet Mighty-Mop Moore. You may call her Maggie. Maggie is sixteen weeks old. Maggie is a labradoodle. A labradoodle, is, obviously, a dog breed created in a lab. Maggie traces her…

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    Driving Lessons

    I can chart my children’s maturation via their changing locations in the family car. First came the backward-facing infant seat, and then the forward-facing infant seat. Time passed and the infant seat was replaced by a child car seat, which…

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    Fly Boys

    This summer my family took a cross-country trip. No, not in a car, silly. We Moores develop homicidal tendencies when we spend too much time (that is, anything longer than 30 minutes) in the car together, which means we are…

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    Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh

    So, it is summer, and some of you are probably planning to send your children to camp for the first time. I have three words of advice: Don’t do it. Summer camp is hell. Separation anxiety. Your world turned upside…

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    Car Talk

    When I was much younger, I made a promise to my future children.I would never answer their questions with the despised dismissiveness I so commonly received to my own (incessant) inquiries: It’s nothing you need to worry about. Or, Because…

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