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Chris Moore
A writer and photographer, Chris Moore lives in the West End with his wife and their two sons. A regular contributor to RFM, he writes features, contributes photo essays, and for six years, chronicled true stories of parenting in the DadZone.
    Let the Show Begin

    If you are reading this column, there is a good chance that you are a dad. Or, maybe you are pondering fatherhood and have landed here hoping for insight. Maybe…

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    Here’s to Autumn

    The English romantic poet John Keats described autumn as the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” Keats was twenty-four when he wrote “To Autumn,” and then, adhering to the romantic…

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    Dad Checks Out

    Once upon a time, back-to-school was strictly interpreted to refer to school-aged children. When children went back to school, parents went straight to happy hour. But, in yet another sign…

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    Sally Schmidt knows six words guaranteed to get first-graders to eat asparagus. “It makes your pee smell funny.” The first-graders in question, students in Thomas DeVaughn’s class at Linwood Holton…

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    Dad vs. Universe

    June is here! The end of school is nigh! Run for your lives! OK, maybe that’s my take on summer break. Maybe you actually look forward to mosquito-bitten days of…

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    The Long Run

    Wisdom comes in the shape of my son’s size eleven running shoe. Several weeks ago I had foolishly challenged him to a hundred-yard dash. Now, as he runs easily away…

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    For the first few minutes he was onstage, he seemed to have a hard time finding his groove. The audience from Open High School was restive. Richmond's celebrity storyteller stuttered…

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    Essential Sledding

    It is the day after a beautiful snowfall. The skies are clearing. The wind in the high pines unspools snow like tulle. I am supervising the outfitting of my two…

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