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A writer and photographer, Chris Moore lives in the West End with his wife and their two sons. A regular contributor to RFM, he writes features, contributes photo essays, and for six years, chronicled true stories of parenting in the DadZone.

A Story of Good Will

Ah, December. The month when fall rounds the corner, stubs its toe on a discarded turkey bone, and careens towards winter. The month when autumn’s fiery foliage dims to dull brown husks collecting on our lawns and in our gutters.…

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Back of the Class

Author’s note: In order to preserve the dignity of this fine family magazine, underlined words in this column are to be pronounced backwards. Thank you. If you have a child in elementary school, you probably have opportunities to read to…

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Thank You, Thunderstick

It’s May in the DadZone, which means a shout-out to all the lovely ladies on Mother’s Day. If anyone deserves a special day, it’s moms. And yet, Mother’s Day can cause dads no small amount of angst. Let’s call it…

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Then There Was the Time

Before I had kids, the most exciting thing I could say about my own childhood was that it was over. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a bad childhood, just boring. At least, that’s how it seemed while I was…

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Down! Set! Huh?

The reason I watch the Super Bowl (and I’m talking about the actual football game, mind you, and not just the commercials) is because I am a caring and concerned father. Being a caring and concerned father is also the…

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Bad dad days. We all have them. Sometimes it’s just a nagging feeling: I’m not doing as good a parenting job as I could. Sometimes it’s more specific: I feel guilty because I missed Johnny’s soccer game. Or: I snapped at…

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