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Denise Noble is a mom of two and has master’s degree in counselor education. She is affiliated with, the parenting education arm of Greater Richmond SCAN, and has coached parents and worked with families for nearly twenty years.

    Parental Guidance – Baby Talk

    Q: Help! My three-month-old baby cries all the time and doesn't sleep more than three hours at a time. I wasn't planning on returning to work until after she was older but I'm considering it now because I'm so exhausted and…

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    Tough Questions

    Q:My 12-year-old daughter is constantly judging kids and commenting on what they wear and how they look. This is new behavior for her. I’m worried that if she feels okay telling me these things, she could be even more outspoken…

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    Talk To Your Kids About Sexual Abuse

    Q: When the Jerry Sandusky case and the sexual abuse of kids were constantly in the news, a good friend and i had very different approaches to handling the situation with our families.She changed the subject (and the channel) whenever it…

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    Attention Deficit and Thumb Sucking

    Q: We have gotten a lot of input through the years about our 11-year-old son’s behavior from his teachers and this year’s teacher has commented as well. We’ve heard everything: focus issues, high-energy, etc. I want to know if he…

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    Potty Training and Kids Home Alone

    Q: My family is encouraging me to potty train my 2-yearold daughter this summer. I don’t know where to begin – help! A: Few parenting milestones can be as daunting as potty training. Everyone seems to have the best method…

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    Computer Limits and First Steps

    Q : Our desktop computer is in a family-access area. Now my 12-year-old has inherited a laptop, which she has started taking to her bedroom. How should we go about setting limits? A While your daughter is reaching an age…

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    When Child Abuse is Suspected

    Q: I have real concerns about my daughter’s friend. She has slept over a number of times and each time, there are new bruises in different spots.She hasn’t shared anything with me or my daughter, but we’re both anxious about…

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    Discipline and Money-Management

    Q: My 3-year-old is the exact opposite of his older sister. I thought I had a system for discipline based on reinforcing positive behaviors, but nothing is working. Can you recommend some discipline techniques? A: Our children often have different…

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