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Eddie Edwards is marketing director at MEDARVA Healthcare. He lives in the West End with his wife and two children.

Sensesational Science

The ear guy and the nose guy joined forces at a world-class institution and great things are happening. "With a $500,000 grant from MEDARVA, we have an exciting opportunity to improve lives through groundbreaking, translational research." At least that's how…

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Vision and Outside Play

These days, there's nothing most kids like better than hanging out in the family room playing video games, sitting in front of the computer, texting with friends, or playing with their iPods. Over the last several decades, myopia (or nearsightedness)…

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The Hero Next Door

Joey Sullivan and his family moved into the house next door to us on Bandera Drive in the West End when he was three years old. His toys were still packed up, so when I tossed one of my prized…

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Why Colonoscopies Creep Us Out!

The American Cancer Society recently updated its colonoscopy guidelines for men and women, regardless of family history. Visit for details. ______________________________________________________________________ Chocolate-laced drool trickling down your preschooler's chin. A demonic clown with green nubs for teeth. Or that eerie…

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Hooray, Jellyfish! Huh?

Jellyfish – those brainless, heartless and slimy creatures that compel some of us to make a beeline for the beach chair and others to find the perfect stick for poking, are crucial to medical scientists looking for ways to prevent…

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Coping With Cataracts

Closing in on sixty-five, Claudia Alicea, RN, a nurse in ophthalmology for thirty years, remembers when she started questioning her own vision. Will I have to drive home at night? Boy, those headlights look like sparklers. What do you mean,…

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The Vision Thief

Diabetes is sneaky. For most, it starts with seemingly simple and harmless symptoms. Unusual thirst or hunger. Frequent urination. Slightly blurry vision. None of us would be particularly frightened by these common signs, but together or alone, they can be…

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