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Erin Parkhurst
Erin Parkhurst is a freelance writer and editor and mother of three. She lives and works in Richmond.

    Have you ever been out with a group of friends for coffee or cocktails and one of them came up with a great idea for a business, a service, or…

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    “Don’t be fooled,” laughs Kerin Morgan, owner of Richmondbased Morgan Swim School. “Kids can do so much more than you think.” It is the last lesson of the day for…

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    Raising Grateful Kids

    Every parent has imagined it. Her meticulously groomed and beautifully clad offspring gratefully accepting holiday gifts amidst glowing decorations, offering an unprompted and heart-felt thank you to swooning grandparents or…

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    Oh, the indignities teenagers have to suffer. Think mood swings and the obsessive need to shower for an hour at a time. But it’s all just part of the gig…

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