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Garth Callaghan
Glen Allen dad Garth Callaghan has been writing napkin notes for his daughter, Emma, since she was a small child. Diagnosed with cancer four times, Garth has been given an eight percent chance to see Emma graduate from high school. Catch up with Garth at Napkin Notes Dad.

Everyday Action Hero

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. – Maya Angelou   During prep for my surgery, one of the nurses asked the routine question, “Do you understand the risks and benefits of this procedure?” What can I say? By this…

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Six Words I Say to Emma

I was introduced to Rachel Macy Stafford, also known as Hands Free Mama, through a blog post she called “Six Words You Should Say Today.” I immediately developed a deep appreciation for her parenting style. She’d read an article about…

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The Gift of Words

  I paused before I folded this napkin. I was really hesitant to put anything about death in Emma’s napkin notes these days. I didn’t want her to focus on my mortality. I wanted her to focus on life. On…

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