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Janet Showalter is a freelance writer who lives in King George with her husband.

Recycling in Richmond

Nathalie David can vividly remember helping her mother sort plastic, glass, newspapers, and aluminum cans into bins, then going with her to drop them off at the local fire station for recycling. The practice made her feel good, even as…

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Pops Who Rock!

Carving a budget out of one salary instead of two was a scary undertaking for Andrew Yanoschak. But after 11 years of being a stayat- home dad, he’s become a pro at stretching a dollar. “The key is not to…

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Building a Global Family

When Patricia Moody adopted Ben from Guatemala in 2005, she had every intention of one day giving her son a little brother or sister. But today, Moody doesn’t see how that will be possible. “It has become much more difficult to adopt…

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Children’s Home Society

Allison Smith called Children’s Home Society of Virginia (CHS) in 2002 to offer her volunteer services. “I thought it was a home for children,” she said. “And I love children. My husband and I couldn’t have our own, but I…

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