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Jennifer Kyzer
Jennifer Kyzer has been training dogs and their humans since 2005. Owner of 2 Speak Dog and a mom of two, she and her family live in the city. She works wherever the dogs take her.

    Strategies the Experts Use

    Are congratulations in order for your new furry family member? Perhaps you’re still considering this important decision. With just a few strategies, the integration of a new dog into your family can be a smooth one. On day one, before entering…

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    What About the Crate?

    Whether you have a young puppy or a new rescue dog, following some basic steps for crate training will help ease the transition. There are many benefits of properly crate training a dog. Crating provides sanctuary, offering settle time for…

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    Mastering the Pup Paddle

    Earlier this spring, as I was working with a young dog, introducing him to a pool for the first time, I was reminded that sometimes instinctual acts are not so instinctual. This can be true with swimming, especially in a…

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    All About Feeding Fido

    Just like people-food shopping and putting meals on the table for loved ones, when it comes to feeding your dog, there are many factors to consider. From what kind of food, to when and how to feed your dog, here’s…

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    Dog Have the Winter Doldrums?

    If your dog stares at you incessantly, barks at you, or paws and nudges you, he is demanding attention. But more notably, your dog may be bored. When it comes to your dog’s well-being, the importance of mental stimulation is…

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    Help Your Dog Deal with Anxiety

    If you have struggled calming your fearful dog, you are not alone – especially in Central Virginia, where intense thunderstorms are typical. Fear in dogs seems to be a very common issue, no matter the dog’s size or breed. Whether…

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    Bringing Home Baby

    Just as you and your partner are adjusting to the big changes coming your way with parenthood, your dog will also need to adjust. How you handle this new phase of your life will affect how your dog handles it.…

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    Understand, Train, Accept

    As a mother, I can understand and sympathize with the frantic phone call from a client that begins, My dog nipped at my granddaughter! Or this concern: My dog got kicked out of daycare! Or this one: My dog can’t…

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    Home-Alone Dogs

    Imagine this scenario: A friend comes over to visit with her 3-year-old daughter. The child plays for a few minutes then gets up, says goodbye, and walks out the front door by herself. It is not hard to relate to…

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