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Married for eighteen years, John Morgan is the father of two boys, ages twelve and ten. He teaches creative writing and British Literature at St. Catherine’s School. Other than words, he loves vintage drums, cars, and Ringo Starr’s backbeat. Follow him on Twitter @johnlmorganiv.
Just YouTube It

Writing at my desk the other morning, I heard the chop-chop-chop of a kitchen knife. It was Atticus, slicing bananas and strawberries. The cutting was followed by the shoveling of…

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The Meanest Teacher in Town

Before sixth grade even started, the rumors swirled. Everyone said Mrs. Lamb was tough, mean, and scary. Even guys from other schools knew her students were prisoners. But there was…

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First Time Caller

I’ll start running,” my son announced during dinner. “Really… why?” “Three miles, three days a week – for a phone.”  A few hours before this declaration, I shared the story…

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Everything in Its Place

Dad, we need some shelves.” “Why?” “The LEGOs need a place.” I liked the idea, so I went to task, jumping online to order some cool brackets. I ripped boards…

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Town Boys, Country Bros

For our original spring break, we headed north to show our boys the Big Apple. Unlike other pre-kid trips, we sculpted a precise itinerary. We waited in the Times Square…

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An Arrow in the Quiver

I wanted archery.  Instead, I ended up at the soccer station, running around orange cones and listening for the whistle. Coach smoked cigarettes between penalty kicks. He also showed up…

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All I wanted as a kid was some sort of vehicle that would move me up the highest hill in the neighborhood. I didn’t want to pedal, so I checked…

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The Heat is On

August in Richmond makes some people miserable.  They complain about the humidity and the mosquitoes. Friday Cheers is long over. The tomato plants didn’t make it, thanks to the squirrels.…

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Caving In!

I like those old Coleman magazine ads where the kids stand by the stream with fishing poles, reeling in trout; Mom kneels near the picnic basket, driving in tent stakes;…

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