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John Richardson-Lauve
John Richardson-Lauve, LCSW, is the program manager for mental health services at ChildSavers, a nonprofit in Richmond’s East End providing mental health and child development services to our children for more than ninety years. He’s the father of 8-year-old Noah, and lives in Glen Allen.

    Why Grands are Great!

    These days, with so many children in the care of one or more grandparents for a variety of reasons, some people wonder whether children in these circumstances are in any way disadvantaged. Assuming the grandparent or grandparents are reasonably healthy…

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    When Trauma Affects Children

    Children are miracles. As parents, we strive to keep them safe and to minimize hardships. As much as we work to protect them, our children can still be exposed to terrible things. We can’t always shield them from the violence…

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