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Josh Curtis, a husband, father of two, and self-proclaimed dinosaur, train, and car guru (thanks to his toddler), is also the owner of Liberty Tax Service in the West End. He has worked in finance for eight years and his tax team has decades of experience in the tax industry.

    Moving in Together?

    If you’re in a committed relationship, deciding to move in together can be a very exciting time. But aside from the joy of taking a big step in your relationship, living together can also bring new challenges, many of them…

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    14 Tax Tips to Consider

    Just when you start to recover from the holiday season, another wonderful season comes along! The difference is, no one loves tax season or doing their taxes. Well, except for me! Fortunately, there are a lot of deductible items out…

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    Tax Tips to Consider

    No one ever said raising a family would be a piece of cake – or affordable. Annually, the prices of little things like diapers and baby food go up. The big things, like childcare and education, are on the rise,…

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