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Karen Rice is a licensed clinical social worker and the clinical supervisor at Virginia Home for Boys and Girls (VHBG). She developed the clinical services program on campus and specializes in the treatment of children, teens and families. Karen has been married for 26 years and is the proud mother of two young women.

Bullied at Home?

Anyone who is a sibling or has even observed siblings in action knows that there exists a special and often complex connection between combinations of brothers and sisters. These pairings make for some of the greatest love/hate relationships any of…

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Keeping Holiday Stress in Check

From changing leaves to pumpkins, to turkeys, then candles, strings of lights and decorated trees, our fall days blur into winter, leaving carefree summer a distant memory. These holiday makers seem to pull many of us along at a rapid…

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Is Your Kid a Worrier?

What if the teacher calls on me in math? Do tornadoes happen here? Why does Daddy look upset? These are some of the thoughts that may cause anxiety for our kids. As adults, we worry about our routines, new circumstances,…

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