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Katherine Wintsch
Katherine Wintsch is a nationally recognized expert on modern motherhood, founder of The Mom Complex in Richmond, and author of “Slay Like a Mother.” The majority of her expertise comes from studying the passion and pain points of mothers around the world. The rest, she says, is accumulated from a little trial and a whole lot of error while raising her own two children, Layla and Alex.

    Sharing the Load

    Parents today are venturing into unchartered territory – pursuing a parenting style that’s never been attempted by any previous generation. It’s called teamwork. That’s right. The men and women turning into parents today are the first generation in history to…

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    Stop and Smell the Gratitude

    Let’s talk about dragons. I’ve been studying mothers for years, and if there’s one thing I believe, it’s this: Mothers are not at war with other mothers – we are at war with ourselves. Every day we battle ferocious dragons…

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    What Would Your Mother Say?

    It’s a common practice to wonder what your mother would do in a particular situation. Perhaps you’re struggling with whether you should leave your children home alone for the first time. Or maybe you constantly find yourself yelling at your…

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    Work Can Be the Winner

    Here’s a question for you: In the never-ending merry-go-round of work-life balance, why is work always the bad guy? My business partner Lauren recently raised this important question on a Tuesday when her work life trumped her home life in a big way. It…

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    Highs and Lows

    As mothers, we often sign up for stuff we don’t want to do. Last week, this phenomenon showed up in my life in the form of an out-of-town, 2-day swim meet. If you’re a swim parent, you know that this…

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    Giving Yourself Permission

    Have you ever congratulated yourself for accomplishing something fantastic – while simultaneously smacking yourself for not doing more? It happened to me again recently. Twice a year, my daughter’s school hosts a Book and Breakfast, where they ask for parent…

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    Resolve to Say No This Year

    The other day, as I watched my 8-year-old son make his own breakfast on a Sunday morning – without asking for any help – I found myself thinking, “Wow. I’m so proud of him.” And then, thankfully, I had enough presence…

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    Speaking Your Peace

    We can learn a lot from the mothers around us. Last month, I picked up some valuable information from a fellow mom at back-to-school night. It was my son’s school and all the parents (95 percent of whom were moms)…

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    Summer Survival List

    The good news is summer is fun. The bad news is the very things kids love about summer (the lack of structure, later bedtimes, and impromptu adventures) are the very things that can make parents crazy. I’ve developed some tips and tricks…

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