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Katherine Wintsch
Katherine Wintsch is a nationally recognized expert on modern motherhood, founder of The Mom Complex in Richmond, and author of “Slay Like a Mother.” The majority of her expertise comes from studying the passion and pain points of mothers around the world. The rest, she says, is accumulated from a little trial and a whole lot of error while raising her own two children, Layla and Alex.

    Live in the Moment

    The idea of living in the present moment is a hard concept to grasp. It sounds great in theory, but if you’re anything like me, it’s challenging to implement in the throes and chaos of everyday life. A lot of people…

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    Men and Their Missing Gerbils

    I study moms all day long. And – in all honesty – something they often complain about is dads. They’re less-than-no-good at the family breakfast routine, they don’t always understand our deep-seated doubt, and their repeated ability to pee on…

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    The Deficit of the Doubt

    There’s a cause-and-effect relationship between what’s in your mind and what’s happening in your life right now. What’s in your mind becomes what’s in your life. It’s a simple formula: How you feel about yourself and what you say to…

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    Feeding the Good Wolf

    Last year, I buried my maternal and paternal grandmothers just weeks apart. One night, as I drove home from visiting with my unresponsive grandmother, I couldn’t help but shout over and over again, “I am not okay. I am not…

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    The Root of Your Problem

    Two weeks ago, I developed a horrible rash. What started out as a pale pink blemish on my left cheek quickly erupted into what looked like a full-fledged, flesh-eating disease across the entire bottom third of my face. It wasn’t…

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    A Little Help Here, Please

    I am a crier. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that my frequent crying jags are both predictable and pathetic. Sad commercials? No brainer. Sappy movies? Of course. Weddings? Always. Funerals? Forget about it. But even I can usually hold…

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