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Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy is a freelance writer who lives in Richmond with her husband and their four kids. She writes about safety, education, family life, and more.

    Seeing Is Believing!

    Ethan Waugh is a handsome and bright five-year old, eagerly looking forward to kindergarten in the fall. But less than a year ago, he didn't really enjoy school at all. In fact, Ethan showed little interest in books, drawing, or…

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    Kids and Cosmetic Surgery

    When many of us think of cosmetic surgery, we might picture a flashy celeb having “work” done, like a facelift or liposuction. Cosmetic surgery, however, isn’t limited to these types of procedures, but is defined as any surgery that improves…

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    Kids, Sports, and Safety

    Sometime during the preschool years and elementary school, many parents and their children enter the world of organized sports. For us, it started with four-year-old soccer, a sport that consists mainly of parents watching several children move in a single…

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    Makin’ It in the Middle

    Fortunately, Nana is strong and stubborn and survived both surgery and weeks of rehabilitation. Nevertheless, the medical crisis took its toll on her strength and stamina. A long recovery meant new questions. How long would she need assistance? How long…

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    Different is Good

    You’re in the stands, watching the child kick at the dirt and stare into space. He’s not very interested in the game going on around him. He spends more time on the bench or sidelines than on the playing field,…

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    Families Who Volunteer

    “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” - Anne Frank   In recent years, I’ve had the privilege of watching my mother return to volunteering. Once busy with schools and other organizations,…

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    Beat the Winter Blahs!

    It’s winter and cabin fever can hit before the end of the first week, especially after the twentieth chorus of There’s nothing to do! However, when it comes to beating winter boredom, we Richmond parents are both experienced and creative.…

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