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Kelly Gottschalk, DVM
Kelly Gottschalk, DVM, co-founder of Wellesley Animal in the far West End, has a passion for and background in zoo animal medicine. She serves as the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association’s (VVMA) legislative chair.

    Why Pet Insurance Makes Sense

    There are approximately 180 million pets in the United States, and in many cases, they are treated as members of the family. However, unlike other family members, only about 1 percent of those pets have insurance for medical care. Although…

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    Need-to-Know Pet First Aid

    Our family recently enjoyed a wonderful vacation on a fairly remote beach. We loved having no phones, sleeping late, and seeing nobody else on our beach. However, as I was exploring and photographing the sunrise one morning, I stepped on something…

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    Pets Get Cancer, Too (Sigh)

    Cancer is a frightening word, immediately evoking thoughts of battling a relentless, debilitating, painful illness. Our pets are sometimes diagnosed with cancer, too. This is never an easy word to hear, but what it means for pets and what can…

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    It’s the Right Thing

    Domestication means an animal species has been changed by humans over generations, so those animals can live in close association with us. These animals live better, longer lives with humans than without them. As a result of domestication, dogs and…

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    Is Your Senior Pet in Pain?

    There’s this one: I don’t think my dog is in pain, because he doesn’t yelp. Or this one: My dog still chases squirrels. How could she have arthritis? Both are logical conclusions from attentive, loving pet owners. However, people and…

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    Wild Things

    Spring is full of new life, including wildlife. Even in our urban settings, we see lots of babies, especially birds. Sometimes these youngsters need some help, but usually Mother Nature is taking care of her own. What should you do…

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    City Chicks and You

    For a variety of reasons, pseudo-farms are springing up in the most urban settings. We want to feed our families wholesome, nutritious foods, to have some control over how and where our food is grown or raised, and to experience…

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    The Rest of the Story

    Snakes. Do you react to this single word with fascination or phobia? Perhaps more than any other pet, a snake can evoke this range of responses. Snakes are not evil, slippery, or slimy. They are smooth, dry, and graceful. There…

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