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Kelly Hall, Esq., is a full-time mom and part-time attorney. Through Legal Ease in RFM, she contributed articles about family law, legislation, and other legal issues for four years until she moved out of the area with her family in 2014.
Grandma in the House

About a year ago, my friend invited her mother-in-law to move in with her, her husband, and their two school-aged children. And my friend did so willingly. Enthusiastically, I might…

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Give Us a Break

Do everyone a favor. Start working on your 2011 tax returns right now. Now is the time to get your act together, rather than at eleven o’clock at night on…

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One of my best mom friends, Brooke, is a mompreneur. She might not think of it that way, because the bulk of her time is focused on caring for her…

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About a year ago, a friend came over to our house with an iPad, and our daughter found a new obsession. She oohed and aahed at the African safari photos;…

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On the third night after Hurricane Irene, I went to bed feeling a little bit dramatic. We still had no power, and the neighbor with the really, really loud generator…

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In the last few weeks, five of my mom friends have welcomed new babies into their families, and two more are expecting this fall. Visiting them reminds me of how…

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