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Lauren Hall
Lauren Hall is the visual arts manager at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. Her own creative efforts include jewelry design and sewing. Lauren lives in Glen Allen with her family.

    Ornamentally Artsy

    These sweet ornaments are packed with personality! Get creative with patterned papers and bright beads on wire to make a simple addition to your holiday decor. Hang individual ornaments on a tree, string them along a length of ribbon to…

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    Pretty, Pretty Pumpkins

    Autumn has arrived and with it, the changing leaves and cooler air! What better way to celebrate the season than with bright, fun, handmade pumpkins? Use this classic technique and design a festive centerpiece, or create small pumpkins to string…

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    Beginner’s Guide to Pastels

    With winter’s chill still lingering, your ears may be ringing with the echo of “I’m bored!” from the kids. Fill these pre-spring days by encouraging your kids to try a new medium – like pastels. Some parents avoid this medium,…

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