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Lisa Crutchfield is a freelance writer who lives in the West End with her family. She has a daughter in college. Lisa writes about anything and everything for RFM.

    Our Kind of Sports Town!

    Most mornings, before the sun even comes up, 15-year-old Atesh Camurdan wakes up and heads out the door to the pool at NOVA of Virginia, an aquatics facility in western Henrico County. Why? “There’s a sense of community among swimmers…

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    Communities in Health Crisis

    Imagine the problems of a typical suburban teen: Calculus test? Girlfriend issues? Not sure what to wear to prom? Most people don’t picture heroin addiction. I would say that we’re just a normal family,” said Henrico County mom Jenny Derr.…

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    When the Giving is Girl-Powered!

    Morgan Rhudy knows how simple multiplication can transform a community. She’s doing just that with her nonprofit. “Girl Power Grants is a grant-making organization where a hundred girls each give $100 so we can fund a $10,000 grant annually to…

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