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Lisa Crutchfield is a freelance writer who lives in the West End with her family. She has a daughter in college. Lisa writes about anything and everything for RFM.
Motivated Millennials!

What’s that you hear about millennials? They’re entitled, materialistic, and lazy? They’re not team players, and they want a trophy just for showing up? That myth is busted. This generation…

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It’s Your Music!

“Hey, Diddle Diddle” was Emma Chun’s favorite nursery rhyme. She liked cats, and early on, Emma thought she should have a fiddle, too. She got her first one at age…

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Green Tech at Home

Still reeling from the power bill you got after this winter’s brutal temperatures? No doubt, a lot of Richmond area residents are re-thinking their home’s insulation, at the very least.…

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Richmond is Hungry!

With a blended family that includes five school-age children, Catherine Fales is busy making lunches every day. One kid wants his sandwich on a sub roll. Another eats only white…

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RVA Kids In Uniform?

Some of our kids have grown up wishing they could wear a Hogwarts school uniform adorned with the prestigious Gryffindor crest. But would they have been as happy with khakis…

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Sara Elizabeth Duke, a Richmond native studying at Vanderbilt University to become a women’s health nurse practitioner, says although it may not always be a teen’s strong suit, communication is…

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