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Lisa Crutchfield is a freelance writer who lives in the West End with her family. She has a daughter in college. Lisa writes about anything and everything for RFM.

Teens and Healthy Dating

It’s a lesson best learned young. Michaela is part of a group from Albert Hill Middle School in Richmond who participated in a recent program run by First Things First of Greater Richmond, designed to educate and empower people of…

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Scoring the Scholarship

On fields and courts and in pools across the country, millions of kids dream of scoring big scholarships to college – and moving on to fame and fortune after that. They see dollar signs and the big contracts in their…

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Paying For College … Get Ready Now!

Navigating the complex world of higher education can be confusing and often downright maddening. Not looking at options could mean the difference in thousands of dollars of debt at graduation. For many families, the process bears little resemblance to what…

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Dyslexia & Kids

He was an indisputably bright toddler, a whiz at memorization, and an ace at building intricate Lego structures. But when Hopper started trying to learn letters, he was baffled. And so were his parents. How could he not know that…

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Driving Force!

If you’ve got a kid racing toward 15-and-a-half, you’re probably already stomping the imaginary brake pedal.Or maybe, willing time to slow just a bit. Learning to drive is one of the milestones of life. At some point, it is every…

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