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Lynn Jackson Kirk, a freelance writer, treasures her family and faith. A self-proclaimed nature nerd, she’s also passionate about gardening, capturing sunsets in her camera lens, and canoeing at her lakeside home.

    Hands-on with the Good Book

    There’s a new reason to visit Washington, D.C. – one of biblical proportions. In November 2017, the Museum of the Bible opened its towering Gutenberg Gates to welcome a world of visitors. Visionaries converted a former refrigeration warehouse, circa 1922,…

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    Weinstein JCC

    A little research. That’s what inspired Sarah Paxton to visit the Weinstein Jewish Community Center while looking for a preschool for her son. “I really liked their child-centered style of learning and strong focus on outdoor education and nature exploration,”…

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    Just Plain Old Fun

    No beach. No mega theme park. No TV or electronics. What kind of vacation is that? Just one of the best our family has ever enjoyed. My suggestion to take our grandchildren, Madeline, age fourteen, and Loren, age thirteen, on…

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    Isn’t Life Grand?

    Grand-parenting should be easy to figure out and carry out. After all, there are sixty-four million boomer grandparents in America, many of whom are quick to share their daily happenings across the world of social media. There’s no shortage of…

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    8 Things a Survivor Wants You to Know

    In 2007, the world celebrated New Year’s Eve without me. I spent the morning with an oncologist trying to absorb his life-changing diagnosis: “You have breast cancer.” What a surprise, since I eat right, exercise regularly, and follow guidelines for…

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