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Lucy Block
Lucy Block, MS, LPC, provides therapeutic and educational services to children and families and is program coordinator of the FAM Program at Greater Richmond SCAN.

Play Dates and Stranger Danger

Q: I admit it, playdates at my house drive me crazy. I try to leave the kids alone, but every time I listen in, an older neighbor kid is consistently making all the decisions and calling all the shots. How…

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Prevent Child Abuse

Q. Last week in the grocery store, I saw an adult completely lose her temper and scream and threaten a child. It made me think of other situations, even with my friends, when parents have crossed a line with their…

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Stay Up on Social Media

Q. All of my son’s friends are on Instagram and most of them have Facebook pages. He’s twelve. What do you think about kids and social media? A. Social media is an increasingly larger part of the way we all…

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A Shy Kid At Home?

Q. My Child is very shy around new people and people he doesn’t see very often. I’m worried about holiday parties, visiting Santa, and out-of-town guests. How can I help him overcome his shyness? A. Shyness is a normal experience…

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Temper Tantrums and Rules for Teens

Q. My 3-year-old is having major temper tantrums when he is told “no.” He yells at us, throws things, and sometimes tells us to shut up. We have tried time-out and have threatened to spank him, but haven’t done this…

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For the Bullied and the Bullies

Q: My 8-year-old son was disciplined by his school last year for bullying other children. The new school year is upon us, and I’m worried about him continuing this behavior. What should I do? A: Talk with your son about…

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