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Margaret Nimmo Holland
Margaret Nimmo Holland is a mom and the executive director of Voices for Virginia’s Children, a nonprofit, non-partisan organization focused on informing lawmakers what kids need, based on data about child well-being and research showing what works to improve their lives.

    Access to Childcare and Preschool

    Another school year is beginning, and if your household is like ours, you have been busy the last few weeks with preparations. Buying school supplies, figuring out bus schedules or carpool arrangements, and possibly finishing up that summer reading before…

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    The Trauma-informed Approach

    Richmond is still savoring the honor bestowed on Richmond Public Schools teacher Rodney Robinson, who was named National Teacher of the Year this spring. Robinson, who teaches at the Virgie Binford Education Center in the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center, is…

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    Focus on Foster Care

    Pictured: Caucus co-chair Sen. Monty Mason speaks during the Foster Care Caucus’s press conference on Jan. 15. He is backed by Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, co-chair Del. Emily Brewer, Sen. Barbara Favola, Sen. Bryce Reeves, Sen. Janet Howell, Del. Chris…

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    Virginia General Assembly Watch

    Do traumatic events in childhood have to negatively direct the course of someone’s life? The Virginia General Assembly will help answer that question during the 2019 session, which starts January 9. Unfortunately, 19 percent of kids in Virginia have experienced…

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    Your Vote is Your Voice

    November means it is time to vote. This year, Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Sometimes as adults, we are embarrassed to admit we do not know something that we think we ought to. Rather than say we are unsure…

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    Counting Kids Matters

    Have you ever wondered how the federal government decides to divide funds among the states for institutions and crucial programs that help children live healthy, happy lives? To allocate funds to programs like Head Start, public schools, health insurance coverage,…

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