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Margaret Thompson never thought she’d be a business owner (or a mom for that matter!), but after realizing a need for a high quality, content-focused magazine for Richmond area families, she dove in! With twenty years of marketing and project management under her belt, she pulls all of the pieces together each month to get RFM out to our eager readers. Mom of two young boys, Margaret and her husband Chris live in Hanover County.

    It’s Back-to-School Time!

    Well that was fast. Summer, that is. It always seems to fly by, doesn’t it? If you don’t have school-aged kids yet, just you wait. On the flip side, if you do have school-aged kids, there’s a good chance you’re…

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    Greetings, readers!

    I miss saying hello during our double-issue months, so it’s nice to be back with this fresh, new issue to take us into spring! To get you up to speed, I will share my recent parenting fail that turned into…

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    Hang on to this issue!

    We’re marking our 9-year anniversary with a whopper of an issue, dedicated to all things education! And whether you have kids in school or not, I guarantee you’ll find something among these 100 pages to entertain, inform, and enlighten you…

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    It’s August, Already!

    Time to get those summer bucket list items finished up! There are tons of ideas in this issue of RFM, including some tips for connecting with your teens from this month’s Real Mom (page 24), and a slew of RVA…

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    Happy Thunderstorm Season!

    As I pen this note in early June, we’re coming off of the wettest May on record in Richmond, and this first weekend of June is showing no signs of change (although in typical RVA fashion, we’ll probably be in…

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    It’s Summertime in RVA!

    June greetings, readers! Whether you love it or hate it, summer arrives this month, in all its steamy glory. Our May reader poll showed that the majority of you are fans of summer, with its more laid-back attitude, relaxed bedtimes,…

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