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Margaret Thompson never thought she’d be a business owner (or a mom for that matter!), but after realizing a need for a high quality, content-focused magazine for Richmond area families, she dove in! With twenty years of marketing and project management under her belt, she pulls all of the pieces together each month to get RFM out to our eager readers. Mom of two young boys, Margaret and her husband Chris live in Hanover County.

    Happy Fall, Y’all!

    One look at our fantabulous calendar (beginning on page 56), and you’ll know it’s festival season. And costume season. And all things crisp and autumnal season. Heck, Christmas will be here before we know it! (I know, bite my tongue!)…

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    Wow! It’s September, Readers!

    Or as I like to say, “Hooray! It’s September, and I survived another summer without bankrupting my company or misplacing a child (mine or someone else’s)!” They say it takes a village. I had never really thought I had a…

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    Baby, It’s HOT Outside!

    Well, it is August – what did we expect?! If you’ve read RFM for a few years, you know I refuse to make August a back-to-school issue. After all, there is still a third of summer left! August marks a…

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    Slow down, summer!

    How is it that when the calendar turns from June to July, it feels like there’s a mad dash to get all of those summer bucket-list items accomplished before it’s time to head back to school? RFM’s amazing editor, Karen,…

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    Here’s to a ROCKin’ Summer!

    Have you heard about the latest craze sweeping the nation (other than fidget spinners and slime)? It’s painting and hiding rocks! Cities from coast to coast have groups dedicated to this artsy family project, and Richmond has joined in on…

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    Get to Know Josh Marin

    This month, we caught up with Josh Marin, a favorite of Richmond theatre-goers, who is a New Yorker these days. You may have seen this talented, young performer on the Virginia Rep main stage as Harpo in the 2014 production…

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    Summer Lovers, Rejoice!

    Yes indeed, it’s finally here, in all its steamy glory. If you’re the parent of a school-aged kid, a break from lunch-making and homework-helping is coming your way this month, too – yippee! There’s a lot to love about Richmond…

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