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A freelance writer and mother of ten, Margie Sims has contributed to a variety of regional magazines during her twenty years of writing about parenting. She moved to the area in 2012 and lives in Moseley with her family.
Are We Raising Kind Kids?

When author and parenting expert Michele Borba spoke in Richmond earlier this spring, her message was clear: Parents need to focus on building empathy, resilience, and confidence in children. Borba,…

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Do Kids Need Camp?

I vividly remember picking up my then 10-year-old daughter, Bethany, after her initial week at camp. While I envisioned her jumping into my arms, she shot me a friendly smile…

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Raising Money-Wise Kids

Personal debt is deep-sixing college degrees at an alarming rate according to a study by Teenage Research Unlimited, as more students drop out of higher education not because of failing…

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Clean House this Summer!

Fighting the entitlement mentality is an increasingly common battle for twenty-first century parents. Consequently, what used to be the typical outcome of parenting – independent kids – is rapidly becoming…

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