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Matt Wren, MS, PT, is the manager of PT Works Physical Therapy, a division of Sheltering Arms. He lives in the West End with his wife, Linda, and their two children.

    Love a Toe Walker? 

    Toe walking is a common pattern of early locomotion in healthy, young children and is almost always in both legs at the same time. However, toe walking after age three should be evaluated. In many cases, toe walking in older…

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    The Overhead Athlete

    Waiting for my daughter’s lacrosse practice to finish, I observed a father and son pitching a baseball. As a physical therapist with a keen interest in human biomechanics, I was interested in the boy’s throwing technique. The young boy was…

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    Adolescent Knees

    A 13-year-old soccer player complains of pain in the front of her knees. Initially, she noticed it during practice, but now there is pain climbing stairs and even while sitting in school. It’s a scenario that plays out for hundreds of kids…

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